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Chipotle - The Scarecrow Game

"The Scarecrow,” a mobile game and animated short film, is an ambitious entertainment franchise designed to generate curiosity about where food comes from through the use of engaging entertainment.

The game, continues the film’s story, where players help The Scarecrow correct the wrongs committed by Crow Foods. Designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, the game allows players to fly through the City of Plenty to transport confined animals to open pastures, fill fields with diverse crops at Scarecrow Farms, and serve wholesome food to the citizens at Plentyfull Plaza, all while avoiding menacing Crowbot. The Scarecrow is available for free from the App Store.

The game has been downloaded by over 600,000 playing an average session length of 5 min and 24 seconds. The game became the #1 Adventure Game on iTunes.