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Bing - REDU

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Upon hearing that President Obama and his Cabinet were going to focus 2010 college commencement speeches on encouraging young Americans to give back to public education, the CAA Foundation came to CAA Marketing with an idea: instead of letting the government create the means for Americans to get involved, what if a brand did it? Enter bing.

Together with bing, the department of education, and a host of partners, we created REDU. REDU does not simply call attention to the state of public education in America, it calls America to action and shows us how to make a difference. REDU takes many forms.

For example, thanks to REDU, bing powers REDU creates events like Reform School and Homeroom. REDU supported Davis Guggenheim’s Waiting For Superman and NBC’s School Pride. Finally, REDU is creating original content site in partnership with GOOD magazine, with daily stories inspiring Americans to "Rethink, Reform, and Rebuild Education."