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Umpqua Bank - Open Account

Umpqua Bank- Open Account

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In the United States, our lives revolve around money - but we don't really like to talk about it. In a new podcast series called Open Account with SuChin Pak and Slate, we asked some of the most brave, candid, self-effacing badasses we knew to talk about their complicated relationship with money -- imposter syndrome, bad habits, codependence, cheesy nachos, masturbation and smoking weed in restaurants.

Baratunde Thurston of Cultivated Wit and the Daily Show, Eddie Huang of Baohaus, Vice, and Fresh Off the Boat,  and SNL's Paula Pell. You can hear Seasons One and Two here

There’s so much nagging, posturing, and boredom, so many unsightly spreadsheets and wagging fingers and failed silver bullets in our cultural conversations about money.  With branding, and no integration, the launch of Season 1’s six episodes garnered Umpqua more organic, unpaid media and social dialogue than any previous campaign — and three-times the downloads than our partners at Panoply had ever seen in branded content. It’s incredible what a little gallows humor, self-effacement and collective head-scratching can do for our relationship with money. It’s all around us, but we’re only just learning how to really take the reins.

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